Thursday, May 6, 2010

A message from BNP Leader Nick Griffin

A message from BNP Leader Nick Griffin
Fellow British Patriot,

Welcome to the temporary website of the British National Party. The BNP is a patriotic, democratic alternative to the old parties that have wrecked our great country.

Native British are now treated like second-class citizens in our own country, whilst asylum-seekers and immigrants are pushed to the front of the queue for housing, jobs and benefits.

Millions of our people are unemployed yet the politicians continue to allow foreign workers to flood into Britain, taking our jobs or claiming benefits, costing us billions of pounds.

While we struggle to pay the bills and live in fear of losing our jobs, the crooked politicians are fiddling their expenses and stealing taxpayers' money.

Whilst the politicians lavish billions on undeserving foreigners and mega-rich bankers, thousands of our pensioners freeze to death every winter, or are forced to eke out a miserable existence on tiny pensions.

Despite the huge sacrifice of millions of our war heroes to keep our country free and independent, the politicians have sold us out to the European Union, taking away our right to rule ourselves and decide our own laws.

Towns and cities all over our beautiful country now resemble parts of Africa or Asia. British people have become a minority in many areas already, and within a few decades, we will become a minority across the country as a whole.

Almost every day now, a brave British soldier is brought back from Afghanistan in a coffin. Our boys and girls are sent to fight a war that has nothing to do with Britain or British interests. Despite the illegal war in Afghanistan, Muslim extremism is flourishing on the streets of Britain.

What would our War Heroes think if they could see Britain today? They fought to keep this country British. They fought to keep our nation free, sovereign and independent. They did not fight for multiculturalism, political correctness, or to see our country flooded with foreigners and our own people made into second-class citizens.

Finally, there is an alternative! The British National Party is Britain's fastest growing political party, with over 100 parish, district, borough and county councillors, a seat on the Greater London Assembly and two seats in the European Parliament.

Where we stand:

We will put British people first in their own country,
We demand British jobs go to British workers,
We say NO to an EU superstate, and YES to keeping Britain free,
We will stop paying foreign aid and give that money to pensioners,
and we will bring British troops home from Afghanistan.

Enough is enough! The BNP is the only genuine alternative to the old parties, that's why the media lies about us all the time.

We don't care about the nasty names the media liars and politicians call us; we love our country and our children, and we are proud to be British.

Vote British National Party on May 6th, and ring the number below for a free information pack:

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP
Leader, British National Party