Friday, April 2, 2010

Pro-Turkish Congressman Dan Burton is facing a likely defeat from pro-Greece, pro-Cyprus candidate, Dr. Jeff McGoff.

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(1) Pro-Greece, pro-Cyprus Candidate, Dr. Jeff McGoff, seeks to defeat pro-Turkish Congressman Dan Burton

March 30, 2010
By Alex Aliferis

Pro-Turkish Congressman Dan Burton is facing a likely defeat from pro-Greece, pro-Cyprus candidate, Dr. Jeff McGoff.

Republican Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN-5) is facing a tough Republican primary challenge from Republican candidate Dr. Jeff McGoff. The Indiana Congressional District 5 encompasses a portion of Indianapolis and 11 counties. Whoever wins the Republican primary, the candidate will win the general election.

Pro-Turkish Congressman Dan Burton is the Turkish Lobby’s front man in the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Burton takes the exact positions of the Turkish Coalition of America, a Turkish government funded lobby headed by Lincoln McCurdy. Burton denies the Armenian Genocide in addition to the Greek and Assyrian Genocide of Asia Minor. Burton supports the illegal Turkish military occupation of Cyprus. Each July 20th, Burton states extremely pro-Turkish positions in supporting Turkey’s illegal military occupation. In his past July 21, 2009 speech,
(, he states “35th anniversary of the day in 1974 that Turkey intervened to stop an ethnic cleansing campaign against Turkish Cypriots by militant Greek Cypriots.”

He ignores clear facts how the Turkish military invasion caused the current partition of Cyprus. He ignores the 180,000 Greek Cypriot refugees, over 500 destroyed Christian churches, thousands of murdered civilians by Turkey, hundreds of rapes by Turkish soldiers, and Turkey’s illegal forced apartheid and segregation of Cyprus. He even ignores the 40,000 illegal Turkish troops in the island of Cyprus. Burton joins pro-Turks such as former Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL), Jean Schmidt (R-OH), Michael McMahon (D-NY), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), Edward Whitfield (R-KY), etc in denying the current illegal Turkish military occupation of Cyprus and its illegal partition by Turkey. They blame the victims and ignore the crimes by Turkey inside Cyprus for more then 35 years.

The Sibel Edmonds story states Turkish government bribes to Congressman Dan Burton, Jean Schmidt, Dennis Hastert, and others which has surfaced. She was a former FBI translator who monitored Turkish sources on FBI tapped phones. She exposed Turkish bribery to Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN)( Burton received massive amounts of Turkish money in various Turkish fundraisers since he has been in Congress.
The Indiana Congressional District 5 has a historic Greek American community since 1910. There are over 2,000 Greek Americans in Dan Burton’s Indiana district. He completely ignores these constituents. However, Dr. John McGoff is running against Dan Burton in the Republican primary on May 4, 2010. He is running a strong campaign to defeat Burton on May 4th. Dr. McGoff is an ER medical doctor and military officer with the National Guard. In 2008, he garnered 45% of the vote and came within 3,000 votes to unseat Burton. McGoff was outspent 5 to 1 in 2008, but he obtained 45% of the vote. Dan Burton is not well liked in his district or by the Indiana Republican party.
In 2010, McGoff is running a campaign in an unpopular year for incumbent Congressmen. Burton risks strong chances of losing to pro-Greece, pro-Cyprus candidate McGoff. In a fundraising appeal letter, McGoff says, “Congressman Burton has long held pro Turkey position and has lashed out at both Greece and Cyprus on the floor of Congress and who has routinely voted against bills and proposals that would strengthen the bonds between Greece and the United States. This election is an important one for Greek-Americans because it gives us a chance to vote out members of Congress that have been in Washington, too long – and Dan Burton of Indiana is one of those members.” He said,” Dr. McGoff understands the importance of a strong Greek-American relationship and the consequences that this has on the region and the world. As a Colonel in the Air National Guard – who recently was confirmed by the United States Senate to be promoted to Brigadier General – he understands the long history of struggles Greece and Cyprus have had with Turkey. Dr. McGoff believes that a nation which is open, free and tolerant is the best type of government for its people, and that the similarities between the belief systems of Greece and America are to be cherished and celebrated. With your support today of $500, $100, or $50 Dr. McGoff can broadcast his message on television, radio and through the mail. Your support will also allow him to build the grassroots network necessary to defeat Congressman Burton in this primary election.”
Dr. McGoff supports the withdrawal of the illegal Turkish occupation army from the Republic of Cyprus. He even supports Greek Cypriot refugees to return back to their homes and properties that were kicked out by the Turkish army on July 20, 1974. Dr. McGoff strongly advocates for the religious freedom of the Ecumenical Patriarchate based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Burton is also anti-India, and anti-Armenia. The India PAC, Indian American Political Action Committee, is actively supporting the McGoff campaign with funds and votes. Burton’s pro-Pakistan support has created anti-India tirades in the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In addition, the Armenian National Committee PAC, endorsed Jeff McGoff. He supports the Armenian Genocide Resolution. The Turkish Lobby continues to assist Burton’s reelection bid with thousands of dollars in his campaign coffers.
The Greek American community in Indianapolis can prove as a swing vote to defeat Dan Burton on May 4th. A couple of hundred votes can determine a heated primary election on May 4th. Greek Americans nationwide can assist the McGoff campaign with contributions of any amounts from $10 to $250 to defeat pro-Turk Dan Burton ( before May 4, 2010.