Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lib-Lab-Con Backed Violent Communist Thugs Disrupt BNP Candidates’ Meeting

Violent Communist thugs from the Tory and Labour backed UAF organisation have shown their hatred of free speech and democracy by physically attacking a British National Party candidates’ meeting outside of Lunar House in Croydon earlier today.

Charlotte Lewis, BNP organiser for Croydon and Sutton, had organised the meeting to present some of the candidates for the forthcoming local and Westminster elections, and to highlight the critical issue of immigration.

Barking and Dagenham councillor and BNP London organiser Robert Bailey, who is standing as a parliamentary candidate in Romford, Essex, said that the meeting had been held to “draw the public’s attention and the world’s attention to the immigration crisis that is facing ordinary British citizens.

“Immigration is the second biggest issue after the war in Afghanistan for politicians and the Government to face up to.”

Balaclava clad protestors carrying Communist flags and UAF signs tried to attack the members of the BNP, with one managing to break through the police cordon before being tackled by officers.

Donna-marie Treanor, BNP council candidate for New Addington, said, “There were protestors a few yards from us, holding Communist flags.

“Their faces were covered and they were quite intimidating as they tried to attack the BNP candidates before the police arrested them for violent behaviour.

“Many members of the public stopped to say to us how disgusted they were to see people waving the Communist flags, and that they would most certainly vote for the BNP.”

* The UAF is an extremist leftist organisation whose secretary general, Weyman Bennett, was arrested a few weeks ago for planning violent disorder.

Mr Bennett, who is also an executive member of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party, is in ‘good’ company: several Labour cabinet ministers are also “former” members of the Young Communist League, as is the Tory Party chairman Eric Pickles.

Mr Pickles, who holds the most senior position in the Conservative Party after David Cameron, revealed his Communist past in a recent radio interview.

“I was massively inclined that way,” Mr Pickles said. “It was part of my upbringing. I was a pretty serious young chap. For my 14th birthday I got Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution as a present.”

During his youth in Keighley, Mr Pickles said he also read the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, and even compiled an admiring school project on Karl Marx.

Mr Cameron is no stranger to these violent extremist Communists either. He has officially endorsed the UAF organisation, along with Labour MP and long-time violent street activist Peter Hain, Keith Vaz MP (head of the Labour Party’s “Black Socialist Society”), expenses swindler Harry Cohen MP, and Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies, amongst many other MPs from all three parliamentary parties.