Thursday, April 8, 2010


Conception Nietzsche said: «Man is something to be overcome». The aim of Russian Obraz is to overcome «Universal Russian». At first within itself, then in its neighbours and then to those who are not hopeless.

Thereto we need a true Russian Mind (Obraz) to collate with ourselves and others. We are a radical national Tradition attacking degrading modern times. We are «prehistoric» barbarians armed with «posthistoric» technologies.

Russian Obraz is not a gang, a PR agency or a political party. We are everything taken together. But at the same time our goals are much wider.

Russian Obraz is able to deal with problems of any scale. We can startup political projects, provide protection to those who need it, carry on campaigns in mass media in addition to defending the rights of citizens, commercial and public organizations.

Russian Obraz is a network all over Russia and even abroad. We personally know all our friends and enemies; everyone can count on personalized approach. And the list is always open for others to join.

Russian Obraz is our own opinion of Russian history. We are on the opposite side of illusive conflicts. We know when the real Civil War started and we know how to end it.

Russian Obraz is a fraternity. Brothers are mobilized and are ready to uphold the honour of Russian Obraz at any time and in any way.

Russian Obraz is essentially new type of self-organization. We have no leaders but persons of authority. Everyone is responsible for the matters of which they are competent as well as answering for the effectiveness of his actions before everyone.

Russian Obraz has close links with a wide range of political, public, commercial and media structures far and near. They are friends, «fellow travelers» and even enemies (they can be useful too). But the relationship of all mentioned increase our potential.

We act in different mediums with a single goal — Russia should obtain a Russian Mind. We will succeed or Russia will not exist.