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Congressman McMahon Represents Turkish Interests over Greek-American constituency

Congressman McMahon Represents Turkish Interests over Greek-American constituency

McMahon Votes against Armenian Genocide Resolution despite calls, meetings by Greek Americans

By Alex Aliferis

March 7, 2010

Congressman Michael McMahon (D-NY-13) voted against the Armenian Genocide Resolution on Thursday’s House Foreign Affairs Committee markup, despite calls of support from Greek American constituents.

The Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res. 252 passed the House Foreign Affairs Committee with 23 yes and 22 no's. Congressman Michael McMahon who represents a heavy Greek American population of 20,000 voted ‘No’ on the Armenian Genocide.

The AHEPA Brooklyn Chapter President George Georgaklis mobilized Greek American constituents in the New York Thirteenth District to meet with Congressman McMahon
( The group urged the Congressman to vote ‘Yes’ on the Armenian Genocide.

Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) mobilized the Greek American community into having a voice on this important national issue.
Brooklyn constituents of the pro-Turkish Congressman Michael McMahon called in, and urged their Congressman to vote Yes on the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

The Turkish Coalition of America TCA President Lincoln McCurdy announced to the world that Congressman McMahon is the new rising star in the Turkish Caucus/Lobby to replace former Congressman Wexler who resigned from Congress, earlier this year. This special Turkish Lobby event was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube and Turkish multimedia on Feb 10, 2010.

Congressman McMahon sits on the House Foreign Relations Committee and is considered the top Turkey supporter on the Subcommittee on Europe, he never openly noted Turkey’s crimes against humanity and Turkish human rights violations on Cyprus.

Congressman McMahon’s past questions to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Cyprus did not question the U.S. State Department’s failure to urge the withdrawal of 40,000 illegal Turkish occupation troops. Congressman McMahon did not condemn over 500 Christian Cypriot churches destroyed by Turkey. Congressman McMahon did not call for a return of the Greek Cypriot refugees to their homes or properties. Congressman McMahon did not call for an end to the illegal Turkish occupation since July 20, 1974.

On April 22, 2009, at a House Foreign Affairs committee hearing Congressman McMahon mentioned only the USAID funding oversight to Cyprus which includes giving US money for projects in Turkish military occupied Cyprus. At the Feb 25, 2010, committee hearing with Secretary of State Clinton, Congressman McMahon failed to raise the question of the legal right of return for 180,000 Greek Cypriots to their homes, Congressman McMahon did not urge the State Department to call on Turkey to withdraw its 40,000 illegal troops from Cyprus.

On July 20, 2009, Congressman McMahon did not offer an extension of remarks to the Congressional Record to condemn the July 20, 1974 Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. However, he issued a remark in the congressional record supporting the Turkish sponsored Turkey-Armenian Protocols on October 29, 2009. These protocols would support a Turkish panel to investigate the Turkish lobby so-called Armenian Allegations.

One small fact to note, Turkish Coalition of America lobbyist Bruce Fein was also a lobbyist for the Tamil Tigers from Sri Lanka. The Tamil Tigers illegally tried to partition Northern Sri Lanka into a Tamil sponsored homeland. The Tamil Hindus(10-18%) committed crimes against the majority Sinhalese Buddhists(73%). McMahon issued a congressional remark in support of the Tamils on November 3, 2009 being mistreated by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese officials. In 2009, the Sri Lankan military successfully unified Sri Lanka from the Tamil Tigers who illegally partitioned the island nation. They obtained certain support from India’s Hindus.

According to Armenian news sources, McMahon noted at the hearing of U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, adoption of resolution will seriously harm US’ efforts in Afghanistan. “Adoption of Armenian Genocide resolution will harm Armenia-Turkey rapprochement as well as Karabakh issue. “I support withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. In case Turkey’s territory becomes closed to US, we will be induced to withdraw forces through more dangerous routes,” he stressed. This is a Turkish lobby argument by the Turkish Coalition of America.

Ten Democrats voted against the Armenian Genocide Resolution; Bill Delahunt (MA), Gregory Meeks(NY), Russ Carnahan(MO), Gerard Connolly(VA), Michael McMahon(NY), John Tanner(TN), Mike Ross(AR), Brad Miller(NC), David Scott(GA), and Sheila Jackson Lee(TX). Thirteen Republicans voted against the resolution; Dan Burton(IN), Ron Paul(TX), Jeff Flake(AZ), Mike Pence(IN), Joe Wilson(SC), John Boozman(AR), J.Gresham Barrett(SC), Connie Mack(FL), Jeff Fortenberry(NE), Michael McCaul(TX), Ted Poe(TX), Bob Inglis(SC), and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen(FL).
Within Subcommittee of Europe members, Chairman Democrat Congressman Bill Delahunt (MA) voted against the Armenian Genocide, while the Republican Ranking Member Congressman Elton Gallegly (CA) votes Yes on the Armenian Genocide.

If many constituents have contacted a Congressman, he/she will vote YES or NO depending on the volume of calls, letters, and meetings with constituents. In the case of Congressman McMahon, he heard but chose to ignore calls/meetings from Greek American constituents in order to support the Turkish Coalition of America position on the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

McMahon does not listen to his constituents, but to the Turkish government funded lobby, the Turkish Coalition of America.
Greek vs. Turkish Populations in McMahon's district:
Please view the following two charts for your information, which list the top 20 districts with Greek and Turkish populations.

You can see that McMahon has the 8th largest Greek American population, but only the 20th largest Turkish American population.

Greek Population Top 20 PDF

Turkish Population Top 20 PDF