Saturday, February 6, 2010


Together with militants from Italy's FORZA NUOVA

Members of E.LA.M. with the delegates of Germany's NPD .

Militants of Forza Nuova from the city of Milan, Italy and of Germany’s NPD participated in the Athenian manifestation (30-1-2010 ) in order to honor the memory of the three heroic officers of the Greek Armed Forces who fell for homeland (killed by the turks ), during the tragic events of Imia in 1996 and also to unite their voices with the Greek Nationalists against illegal immigration and the new law of conceding the Hellenic nationality to the children of illegal immigrants .

The members of the National People's Front (E.LA.M.) greeted the militants from Germany and Italy, they exchanged views and wishes. They received warm congratulations on the excellent work they do in Cyprus.
The National People’s Front is the only legitimate Nationalist Movement in Cyprus.
Every day many people from all parts of society come to our ranks. We become stronger in order to preserve Hellenism in Cyprus especially during the difficult times in our island .
We renewed our appointment for the future since a lot of problems are common for the European people .