Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Example of “Equality” — Muslim Spared Jail “Because He Is Religious”

Yet another example of how the ruling elite set different standards of equality for indigenous British people and Muslim colonisers has come with the news that a Muslim man was spared jail for a vicious assault purely because “he was a religious man.”

There would be no chance at all of an indigenous British person being spared jail under similar circumstances “because he was a Christian” or because he was not religious.

The ruling, by none other than Cherie Booth QC (better known as the wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair) was made in Inner London Crown Court.

Sitting as a judge, Ms Booth spared Muslim Shamso Miah man from prison “because he was religious.” Mr Miah, who lives in Redbridge, East London, was in a bank in East Ham when he began arguing with a fellow Muslim, Mohammed Furcan, over their places in the queue to the teller.

According to reports, Mr Miah, who had just come from the local mosque, punched Mr Furcan twice, once inside the bank and again as the brawl moved outside the building.

In her ruling, Ms Booth told Mr Miah that she would suspend his prison sentence because he was a religious person and “had not been in trouble before.”

She added: “You are a religious man and you know this is not acceptable behaviour.”

The blatant favouritism has led to the National Secular Society lodging a formal protest with the Office for Judicial Complaints against Ms Booth for giving an “unjust” sentence.

The NSC Society said Ms Booth “acted in an unjust and discriminatory way,” and that the implication of her ruling was that a non-religious person would have been treated less leniently.

Ms Booth is, however, merely the logical end product of decades of the Tory/Labour elite putting British people last and giving priority, special treatment to Third World colonisers from all parts of the globe.

* The NSC is, of course, comprised of liberals caught in the classic dilemma of such people. On the one hand, they espouse open borders and the denial of the right of European ethnic groups to maintain their identities.

On the other hand, liberals are increasingly faced with the reality that mass Third World immigration is resulting in the inversion of the liberal values people such as the NSC claim to hold so dear