Tuesday, December 29, 2009


More than 200 greek nationalists participated at the National Peoples’ Front manifestation against illegal immigration on Sunday 27th of December .
The main streets of Lefkosia were full of people who were holding Hellenic flags and together with the 200 militants of NPF demonstrated peacefully .
Despite the illegal counter demonstration of the so called anti fascists groups which were having on their side the communist Mayor of Lefkosia , the NPF manifestation had a great success .
The whole of Cyprus media were present and covered the first demonstration of a nationalist movement against illegal immigration.
Illegal immigrants are encouraged by Turkey to come and live through the Turkish occupied territory to the soil of Cyprus Republic .
Most of them are of Muslim religion , they create a lot of problems to the greeks’ everyday life and they feel closer to the Turks .
By the passing of years their population is increasing so a strong Muslin community will play a dominant role in the political and social scene of Cyprus .
On the other hand more than 400.000 turkish settlers live in the occupied area . That means that the Hellenic Christian Orthodox population will soon be a minority in its own island !!