Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Traitor‏

Dear Patriots
I am surprised the Greek state has not acted on this guy.

The above picture is of Pavle Filipov Voskopoulos. He is head of the Rainbow Alliance party in Florina Greece.
They call their party “The Political Party of the Macedonian minority in Greece” Voskopoulos is a Greek citizen and a traitor to his nation. He appears on You Tube criticizing Greece that they are persecuting the Macedonian minority in Greece. His articles also appear on Diaspora Skopian newspapers particularly in Australia and Canada.

The question that many true Greeks want to know is, Why isn’t this traitor on High treason charges? (criminal disloyalty to ones nation) His party needs to shut down as there is no Macedonian minority in Greece. The Ancient Macedonians spoke Greek not Bulgarian. Voskopoulos should be behind bars.

George Salamouras