Monday, October 19, 2009

Hysterical Media Lies Building Up in Anticipation of Question Time

The controlled media has started a campaign of serial lies and smears by association in the build-up to the appearance of British National Party leader Nick Griffin on BBC’s Question Time this week, said party deputy press officer, John Walker.
“In the latest issue of The Independent newspaper, which is anything but, we have a classic example of the type of lies in which the media is engaged,” Mr Walker said.
“The illustrations which accompanied an article on the BNP written by long time left-wing extremist crank Nick Cohen are the case in point,” Mr Walker said.
“There are three illustrations accompanying the article, all of which are implicitly meant to be associated with the BNP. The first is a British Union of Fascists (BUF) rally in Hyde Park in 1934. The second photograph is captioned ‘skinheads giving Nazi salutes at a National Front rally, Hyde Park 1981’ and the third is of a small group of Nationalist Alliance supporters in Leeds.
“Not one of these photographs are of any people who have links to the BNP. The BUF went out of existence during World War II. The second picture is not even of a National Front meeting, as the Independent quite openly lies, but actually of a British Movement march,” Mr Walker said.
“The British Movement was actually vociferously opposed to the National Front, and hated the latter organisation,” he continued.
“The third photograph is of a small, now defunct group which was comprised of people vehemently opposed to the BNP in general and Nick Griffin in person. In other words, The Independent has actually used photographs of groups who oppose Nick Griffin and then presented them as supporters. It is one of the more astonishing lies we have seen in recent times,” he said.
The picture of the BM skinheads had also been maliciously cropped by The Independent so that only the bottom of their banner was visible. The only word which could be read was ‘Dagenham’. This had been done in an obvious attempt to associate the skinheads with the BNP, because a large part of Mr Cohen’s accompanying article dealt with the BNP in Dagenham.
“The original picture in its un-cropped form showed the banner reading ‘Barking and Dagenham British Movement’,” said Mr Walker. “The cropping trick showed the depths to which The Independent plummeted in this smear.”
Mr Walker said that the media’s hysterical lying campaign would probably increase as Thursday night’s Question Time broadcast drew ever nearer. “For example, Mr Griffin was interviewed on Sky TV this morning by Adam Boulton. Before the interview, the BNP was discussed by Sky News and illustrated by images from the English Defence League rally in Manchester the previous week.
“This they did despite it being public knowledge that both the BNP and EDL have distanced themselves from each other. The media is engaged in serial lying,” Mr Walker said.
Mr Walker also cautioned supporters about the Question Time programme itself. “Supporters must remember that Mr Griffin will be on a panel with four hostile members, a hostile host and a hand-picked audience, all of whom will be baying for blood.
“It is, in fact, a form of bear baiting. Mr Griffin will be there to represent an opinion which is usually never aired on the controlled BBC, and it is possible that he will not even be given the chance to complete a single sentence,” Mr Walker said.
He pointed out that the lengthy questionnaire which audience members were required to fill in before being granted admission to the show asked which party they supported. “The BNP is not even listed on that form as a choice,” Mr Walker said.
“Supporters must remember that even if Mr Griffin is attacked from all sides, this is not the only time that the BNP is going to appear on this show. Each time they discuss a topic relevant to the BNP, our representatives will be there, and the media bias and hatred which will be seen this time round will not always be present.”
* Mr Walker also said that the police had refused to take any steps to ensure Mr Griffin’s safety on Thursday night. “Just like the incident at College Green, the police have indicated that they are not interested in ensuring that the BNP leader is not attacked outside the premises,” Mr Walker said.
“This is a disgrace when one considers that the far left has already threatened violence outside the BBC centre. We will be following up with the police during this coming week to further clarify their position,” Mr Walker concluded.