Saturday, October 10, 2009


Young students , members of the National People’s Front ,distributed leaflets to schools all over Cyprus .

On the leaflets it was written “ Cyprus is Hellenic “ and “ Join us for a better future , a future as we dream it , that is, White and Blue “

A lot of students and their teachers accepted happily those messages . The reaction arrived as it was expected from the communist party, AKEL .

They organized a press conference at Paphos and they accused the National People’s Front of distributing “ nationalist leaflets “ at schools !

As a result the police started investigations at the Lyceum of Paphos , interrogating innocent students and asking them about their political beliefs !

We have to keep in mind that in Cyprus the communist party is governing at the moment .

It seems that if someone believes that Cyprus is a Greek island should be accused as a ... nationalist !

Well , we are nationalists and no one can put obstacles to our movement . The National People’s Front is a legal party that respects the Law .

It is obvious that the communist party AKEL want to control and punish our ideology . We will continue our struggle for freedom and for a right solution to the problem of the turkish occupation of Cyprus .