Wednesday, September 2, 2009

“The water of the sea became red”

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (31.08.09) in its front page and under the title “The prisoners of war were killed with a sword bayonet” reports on a testimony which a Turkish Cypriot gave to the reporter of the paper Ali Osman regarding the assassinations of Greek Cypriot prisoners of war by Turkish soldiers on the beach were the Turkish troops landed during 1974.
The paper writes that the person who gave the testimony was a fighter witness of the events which took place during that day and adds that he narrated the events to the paper on condition of unanimity and his picture to be taken from the back. The paper also reports that the unknown person spoke to the paper as a response to the reports published the previous weeks in Turkish newspapers which allege that the Greek Cypriots who were killed during the period of the war in Cyprus were killed mostly by Turkish Cypriots.
The witness explained to Ali Osman that during the period of 1974 when the Turkish invasion started he was on duty in Milia division. The commanders of their division were from Turkey and their names were Mehmet Ali Aydinoz and Terzi Yusuf. The Turkish Cypriot witness said also that the prisoners of war who were approximately 40 persons in each bus were taken into eight buses. Together with the prisoners of war, into the buses there were the driver, one policeman and one fighter. He then said that the prisoners of war were taken to the beach were the Turkish troops landed and that a vessel came there so that it would take the prisoners of war and carry them to Turkey. He then explained that after the Greek Cypriot prisoners of war were embarked on the vessels, the Turkish soldiers killed them not with bullets but with sword bayonets.
“The water of the sea became red”, he said adding that afterwards they entered into a bus and returned to their divisions since they handed over the prisoners of war.
Regarding those who were killed, he said that from what they heard, they were thrown to a place near the Mare Monte hotel. He also explained that this bloodshed took place at the end of August, or at the beginning of September…..