Monday, September 28, 2009

Forever Aliens: Third Generation Muslims in Europe Flock to “German” Al Qaeda Camp

Second and third generation Muslims, born and raised in Germany and elsewhere in Europe are being recruited in ever larger numbers for Al-Qaeda training camps on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, it has been revealed.
The German foreign ministry has officially acknowledged the existence of what the media quite falsely described as a “white European” Al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan’s mountainous Waziristan region.
According to the German foreign office, a “number of German families, many of North African descent” have travelled to Waziristan. There they make up some of the Taliban’s most dedicated fighters.
A recruitment video issue by the Taliban is narrated by one “Abu Adam”, a North African who was raised in the German city of Bonn.
Adam, whose real name is Mounir Chouka, received weapons training from the German army as part of his national service, and later spent three years training at the Federal Office of Statistics where colleagues described him as a “nice boy” according to newspaper reports.
A 2007 study by the German “Office for the Protection of the Constitution” on what they called “home-grown” terrorism found that 40 percent of all Muslims in Germany are “fundamentally oriented.”
The report also found that 12 percent of all Muslims in Germany can be described as anti-Democratic, “Islamic-authoritarian”; they harbour very hostile attitudes towards Western societies and endorse Sharia law.
Most disturbingly, at least 6 percent of Germany’s Muslims — equivalent to about 180,000 people — have an “affinity to violence” in the sense that they either tolerate or support religiously or politically motivated violence in the name of Islam.
The report also found that radical Islamist ideas in Germany are equally common among both poor, uneducated Muslims and their better-educated, more wealthy, and, supposedly, better-integrated co-religionists.
Finally, the study found that young Muslims — including many second or third generation children of immigrants who were born and raised in Germany and have German passports — are especially prone to embrace violent, radical Islamist beliefs.
* British newspapers reported “white Germans” were being recruited to the “Al-Qaeda German village” in Wazirstan, but a closer inspection of that report found mention of only one white German, a convert married to an Eritrean woman.