Monday, September 28, 2009

An Anti Greek Propagandist‏

The above picture is of Risto Stefov, who was born in 1953 in the Florina Region, in Macedonian Greece. Stefov was born Chris Stefou and attended primary school in Greece and speaks Greek. He claims his family told him the bitter truth as a young child that he is Macedonian and not Greek. Stefov’s father was a Greek Communist who was imprisoned who spoke the Bulgarian dialect. When his family immigrated to Canada in 1966, they changed their name to Stefov.It is interesting to note that the family arrived in Canada on a Greek passport and not a Macedonian passport. Stefov completed his secondary education in Canada (Westview Centennial Secondary School) and in 1978 got his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Stefov is a revisionist (negationist) non acclaimed historian who distorts historical facts claiming ancestry to the ancient Macedonians. Stefov is a fanatic who espouses hatred towards the Greek state and labelling all Modern Greeks as a mixture of Albanians, Slavs, Turks and Gypsies.

This anti Greek hate monger is responsible for the Anti Greek Propaganda website which operates out of Toronto Canada. His articles cause offence to all Greeks worldwide and he encourages hatred and distortion amongst his fellow Slavs towards all Greeks. In his articles “Big Greek lies and recovering Macedonia” he claims that if FYROM joins the EU it will get the EU to recognise a Macedonian minority in Greece so that all his compatriots(communists) that fled the civil war after 1949 can come back to Greece and claim their lands as well as compensation.

Stefov through his propaganda website and articles worldwide incites hatred towards Greeks. We Greeks are seen as occupiers of their land who conducted genocide on their people. Unfortunately many Slavs worldwide believe him not to mention Skopian PM Gruevski and his cronies. Greece should notify the EU and close its borders with FYROM until these sort of hate mongers are removed and exposed as phonies. If anyone out there knows how to send a good virus here are his two email addresses is and