Thursday, August 13, 2009


Thirteen years ago , motorcyclists from all over Europe decided to make a long journey from the Berlin Wall to the last divided capital of Cyprus , Lefkosia .

During the journey they informed the European citizens of the Turkish occupation of the Hellenic island of Cyprus .
When they arrived at the island , they decided to end their long trip at the check point of Deryneia near Famagusta .

From the other part the Turkish cypriot mob starts the provocations . Soon the European and the Cypriot motorcyclists with the greek villagers defend the last European soil .

Tassos runs in help of a greek man but soon is surrounded by more than 50 Turks who stabbed him to death.

A few days after Tassos' funeral , new incidents start . His nephew Solomos tries to climb on to the mast in order to take the Turkish flag .

The Turkish army although could arrest the unarmed young man , shot him dead .

Every summer the memory of these two young men is honoured by the Greek Nationalists of the National People's Front.